Friday, August 13, 2010

Newspaper online: Red Bank Register

The Red Bank Register is online.  The available years are 1878-1991.  This is a tremendous resource for anyone with family in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  I found new family lines and clarified known lines through marriage announcements, society columns, and other articles.  The search function is pretty good.

I uncovered the date of death for Josephine Arnold Ormsby, wife of Harry Charles Winterton.  She died 10 August 1916 in New York.  Her daughter, Robina Winterton, died the following week in Keyport.  Without the newspaper articles, I probably would not have thought to search in New York for the death record.  If I did uncover the place and date of death, I would have wondered why Josephine was so far from her children, and possibly start thinking about marital discord.  But as explained in an article from 16 August 1916, I learned that Josephine was in New York, staying with her sister, Mrs. Boyd, for the wedding of their nephew.  The article provided the name of their mother and other siblings.

This was quite a find.

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