Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DNA results

My DNA results are in.  I have no idea what they mean.  I am maternal ancestral group H.  From my internet browsing, half of all women in Europe are believed to be group H.  I figured I was of European descent before these results, so I don't think this is useful.

The results at look like this:

I erased the identifying information of the others for their privacy.  I am guessing that only the people with no differences are related to me.  I sent all of them emails and heard back from one person so far.  We have no idea how we are related.  As I previously wrote, I can trace my direct maternal line back only five generations.  I do not know how far back the common maternal ancestor is for me and any of these matches.

I really hope to figure this out.

My aunt's DNA test is still pending.  Her results should be more helpful because her maternal line is more extensively documented.

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