Thursday, February 9, 2012

DNA results uploaded to FamilyTreeDNA

In December I wrote about contemplating using FamilyTreeDNA instead of 23andMe for future testing.  This is mostly because of the changing pricing schemes and lack of response from matches at 23andMe.  FamilyTreeDNA is now accepting uploads of 23andMe data (Relative Finder or autosomal results) for $50 per account through February 10th as an introductory offer.  I thought about it and yesterday uploaded five accounts for a total of $250.  I will be able to evaluate the services of both companies.  If additional family members do test, I will be able to choose from either website.  The problem with having family members test at different companies is that I cannot compare results to better narrow down branches of the tree that may hold the common ancestor.

I will let you know when the results become available.

FamilyTreeDNA pricing plans for transfers of data from third party DNA testing companies as of 8 February 2012.

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