Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AncestryDNA: The Genetic Matches

AncestryDNA provided genetic matches for M.S., who is adopted.  No close matches appeared.  The closest match is a predicted third cousin.  Two predicted fourth cousins are also reported, followed by several distant cousins.  Because this is autosomal DNA testing, the matches could be from any of M.S.'s ancestral lines.

Top genetic matches for M.S. at Ancestry.com

I reached out to these three people.  One person responded.  We see no common geographical areas at this time.
AncestryDNA compares your surnames and tree to the surnames and trees of your matches and highlights results for you.  Because M.S. was adopted, I have no surnames or tree for her, thus precluding me from exploring this feature.  If you would like to see a screenshot of compared surnames, please see CeCe Moore's post here.
I am disappointed that I cannot see the amount or location of shared DNA among the matches.  23andMe allows such views and comparisons.
I will keep you posted if anything promising develops.

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