Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mystery Third Cousin of a Third Cousin

Inevitable at the DNA testing companies are those close matches who won't answer your requests/pleads for contact and information.  Here is one such match for my Known Third Cousin.

Nestled among my Third Cousin's highest matches (my father and his siblings) is this mystery cousin.  You can see that she lines up beautifully as a third cousin match.  I'm not saying that she matches my father or his siblings.  The match is to my Known Third Cousin- one of his sixteen great great grandparents is one of hers, or a sibling to hers.  Finding someone as close as a third cousin in the genetic database is a great boon to your research and helps you assign distant genetic cousins to a branch of your family tree.

23andMe Relative Finder/DNA Relatives
Top genetic matches for my Known Third Cousin

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