Monday, July 6, 2015

Views on MyHeritage

MyHeritage partnered with 23andMe to provide family tree making services and records to consumers of DNA tests.  A profile page at 23andMe can display a direct link to a tree at MyHeritage.

23andMe provided an inefficient family tree making tool.  You could not upload a gedcom file; instead, you had to manually enter every person.  Trees often crashed.  A better system was necessary.  By aligning with MyHeritage, DNA customers new to genealogy were introduced to a genealogy service, to try for free or to buy.

Good plan.  Except that the family tree service at MyHeritage is not so good.

A Pedigree View is what I need to get an overall view of someone's ancestors.  Here is an example at Ancestry:

At MyHeritage, you cannot view the tree as Pedigree.  You need to click on an individual to see back a generation, which drops the generations below while expanding to include siblings, spouses, and their descendants.  You become lost quickly.

I emailed MyHeritage, asking if it was possible to view a tree on their site in Pedigree.  No answer.

Message boards at MyHeritage also carry this request, to no avail.

Another unfortunate outcome at 23andMe is that you cannot attach your profile to a parent in a tree at MyHeritage and sort your DNA matches by parent.

My family trees for review by DNA cousins are at Ancestry and Rootsweb.  I post web addresses on profile pages that I manage.

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  1. Happy May Day! now offers a pedigree view of family trees!