Wednesday, October 21, 2015

23andMe Price Increase

After years of decreasing prices for DNA testing for genealogy, I am sad to write that the price has increased.

23andMe is reviving its DNA-based health related testing, doubling the price for a kit from $99 (US Dollars) to $199.

The autosomal DNA test from the two other major genetic genealogy testing companies, FamilyTreeDNA and AncestryDNA, remains $99.

The frustration in using 23andMe for genealogy is that a lot of consumers tested their DNA for health purposes, not genealogy.  You choose which part you wish to participate in- genealogy or health or both- but family researchers are plagued with DNA cousins with no interest in communicating who posited themselves in the genealogy pool.

The effect of this price increase may drive genealogy DNA customers away from 23andMe to one of the other companies.  If you are serious about finding relatives, your DNA needs to be at all three companies anyway.  But frustration will increase as more people test for health and not genealogy, artificially increasing the genealogy pool available at 23andMe.


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  2. So I ordered the test at $199 and it said health results would now be available. But I log on today and it's $99 and says doesn't include health reports... What's the story????

  3. I purchased a kit after the price increased to $199 and said it now would provide health reports. Now I log onto 23andme today and it is $99 and says doesn't include health reports. What is the story????? Thank you!

  4. $199 is the price in the United States- I just looked at
    In some other countries, the price remains $99 if health reports are not permitted.
    What country are you in?

  5. Sounds like the people who run 23andme are like the people who run Intuit: stupid, greedy, and contemptuous of their potential customers.

    1. Well, it's a business and it continues to stay afloat for whatever reason.
      23andMe could do the genealogy part much better.