Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a few strokes of the pencil

I received a stack of old and mostly unmarked photos from a relative.  (Thank you M.L.)  I will probably never figure out the identity of most of the people in the pictures, and this is a shame.  A relative of the past kindly labeled one picture for me, allowing me to visualize my great great grandmother, Katherine Dunn, born in Monmouth County, New Jersey around 1865.  The date of processing, 1937, is even stamped on the back, making her about 67 years old in this picture.  The writer and I must carry the same gene for documentation.

So detailed is the description on the back of the photo that I instantly knew the subject.  She is identified by her birth name, Catherine Dunn, as well as her married name, Winterton.  Here is her 1886 marriage certificate to William Walling Winterton, when she was known as "Kate."

These families- Dunn, Walling, and Dunlop- are prevalent in Monmouth County and I have not untangled their vines yet.

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