Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mystery Photos, part one of several

Part of the responsibility of being the "family historian" is the acquisition, identification, and preservation of family photos.  This would be a lot easier if people labeled the photos.  I have thousands of photos, mostly from the 1960s forward, with no identification on the photos.  Fortunately for these more recent photos, there are still relatives around who can identify most of the people in the photos.  Some of the photos also have the date of processing printed on the back.  These dates are approximate, as I found several Thanksgiving scenes with a date in August.

After scanning, I placed the photos in sleeves so that the front and back could be viewed.  I purchased in bulk from Exposures.  The result will do for now.  I am using standard binders but hope to someday select beautiful color-coded binders to display on equally beautiful shelving.  The dreams of the historian . . .

I copied the pictures to CDs for "interested" parties.  The project took months, but I am so glad that I did it.
Styles of clear photo sheets.

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