Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery, Jersey City

I visited Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery in Jersey City (Hudson County, New Jersey, United States) now that the weather is improving.  (Thank you, R.B., for a lovely trip.)

The other Catholic cemetery in Jersey City is Holy Name, which is much larger.  The records for both cemeteries are available on microfilm through  Saint Peter's listing at FindAGrave includes over one thousand burials.  Given the rather small nature of this cemetery, check FindAGrave to see if a stone still exists.  I did not check every stone, but all the ones that I investigated were already on FindAGrave.  The actual burial records will contain many more names, of course, so you need to view them as well.  Holy Name Cemetery, in comparison, has almost 30,000 burials on FindAGrave.  (You can also look up burials for Catholic cemeteries under the Newark Archdiocese at  Holy Name Cemetery is listed; Saint Peter's is not.)

To park and access the gates, you turn onto Utica Avenue from US Routes 1 and 9 South (Tonnele Avenue).

Saint Peter's is well-maintained by neighboring Holy Name Cemetery.  The grounds are surrounded by railways, busy highways, and industrial plants, but the cemetery presents beautifully.

Geese grazing at Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery in Jersey City

Duffy monument at Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery in Jersey City

These engraved portions of these types of monuments are easily destroyed.

I put the camera inside the monument's missing side and found some pieces of lettering.


  1. Hi Jody, I like reading your blog. A few years ago I digitized the Holy Name/St Peter's cemeteries microfilms, all six microfilms. They are on my computer and I do free lookups for people searching for their ancestors. I rarely look up Holy Name cemetery anymore since RCAN has them online but the cards still contain St Peter's cemetery. If anyone ever needs a lookup my email is at the bottom of the page on my website. Ed JCGeney

  2. I added a link to Eddi's site about Hudson County, New Jersey resources.

  3. Hi Jody! I have question about Holy Name Cemetery. I have folks buried in sections A and G but I noticed on the map that there are 3 sections A and 2 Sections G. Any idea of how to narrow down the locations when I visit the cemetery? Examples: Blk-A Gr-945 N 1C and Blk-A Gr-169 SOUTH EM 1A. Blk-G Sec-8 Gr-ABCD 1B. Thanks for your help! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy. Figuring out where a grave is located in the two areas for Section G is tricky. You may have to look in both and they cover a lot of ground. I would start in the section that abuts the Priest Circle because the format is G-#-A.
      The first grave you list in Section A follows the pattern A-1-A, so I would start in the Section A closest to Section Y. The second grave is A-1, so if you don't find it while searching the other Section A, go to Section A closest to Westside Avenue.
      You did not write how you came up with these grave locations. They are not in the format of the Cemetery's cards. You are a few steps away from the source of the information, so you may be hunting for an incorrect location.
      Don't forget to check to see if someone already photographed these graves and marked the coordinates.

    2. Hi Jody, I got the grave information from the site. Figuring it is a very old cemetery, I wasn't surprised to find more than one "block" with the same letter! I also noticed several of my ancestors have 2 grave sites recorded so I guess they were moved to a different location. Am hoping to get there in the fairly near future. Thanks for your advise!!

  4. Thanks so much for this detailed information. I am interested in St. Peter's Cemetery. I understand it is located in an industrial area and it's hard to reach. I am looking for a specific location, 65 South G. Is there a map of the cemetery itself? Many thanks, CEM

    1. I did not find a map of Saint Peter's Cemetery online.
      I called Holy Name Cemetery. They said they did not have a map but could locate a grave if you provided the name and lot number. The cemetery has a north side and a south side, so the location you have, 65 South G, may be a viable description.
      A map could be among the images on microfilm through That is how I found the more detailed map for Holy Name Cemetery.
      Anyone else out there have a map for Saint Peter's Cemetery?

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  6. I made a visit to St. Peter's this July and, despite the pouring rain, had a lot of help from the very knowledgeable man who came to open the gate. He showed me the right grave very quickly. Because of his information, I discovered another family name in the index for this grave. (And then a great lunch buffet at nearby Hyderabadi House!) It was all well worth the trip. Thanks so much for all the information here.