Saturday, December 6, 2014

Runaway Groom Returned

I stumbled upon an interesting little newspaper article from 1887 in the Jersey Journal (online at subscription required).  This paper, still being published, covers Jersey City and Hudson County.  The article was about a "missing bridegroom" named Philip Duryea.

Philip was the son of Abraham Wilson Duryee (1821-1898) and Caroline Couwenhoven (1824-1919).  Philip must have returned soon after the article appeared on November 19th.  He married Mary Amelia Brown on November 23, 1887 in the Town of Union, Hudson County, New Jersey.  Her parents were listed as James Nathan Brown and Charlotte Amelia Gardner.

Philip and Mary were still together for the 1900 federal census.  I am not sure how all the members of this household are related.  We have Philip Duryee and wife Mary; that is okay.
Then we have a daughter named Lulla, born October 1885- two years before Philip and Mary married.  Then we have another daughter named Mary Hazard, age 12 and single- born the same month that Philip and Mary married.  Why is her last name not Duryee?

Two boarders were in this household.
Anna Jacob, born December 1882 in New York.
Clifford Morton, born June 1875 in Pennsylvania.

Always note the "boarders" in the census because they could actually be relatives.

In the 1910 census, Lula Duryee is described as "adopted daughter."  Mary G Hassard is not listed as a daughter, but rather a cousin.

This branch will require more research to explain all of these records.

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