Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Marriage after Divorce

The record for my great grandfather's second marriage arrived in the mail a few weeks after ordering from the New York City Municipal Archives.  Howard Lutter married Fiorita Lorenz on October 10, 1928 in New York City.

Fiorita's address, 164 South Eleventh Street in Newark, New Jersey, was the home of Clara Uhl, Howard's mother.

Howard divorced Ethel Laurel Winterton in 1927.  ["E Laural" in the 1927 city directory above.]  Their divorce record included testimony from Fiorita, herself married.  Fiorita should have an interesting divorce record for her marriage with James Howard Winnie.

This 1928 marriage record provided the names of Fiorita's parents, Christian Lorenz and Louisa Schneider.  Fiorita died in California in 1969.  The informant, Fiorita's daughter Rita Curtis, was unable to recall the names of Fiorita's parents.

Fiorita was living in Newark, New Jersey in the 1910 census with "cousin" Adolf Eberhardt and his wife, Emilie, and their children.  Emilie, not Adolf, was probably Fiorita's cousin, as her surname was Lorenz.  Emilie and Adolf's daughter, Annie, married Conrad Ley.  Ann was the "distant relative" that Fiorita arranged to watch Howard Lutter's children.

Howard Lutter and "Rita" traveled to Trinidad in 1931.  Fiorita listed her naturalization "through marriage, Selma, Alabama, 1910."  I have not been able to find a record of the marriage, presumably to James Howard Winnie.

The next step was ordering the application for the 1928 marriage in New York City.  The indexes 1908-1929 were recently released via Reclaim the Records and can be viewed at Archive.org.  When it arrives, I will post and review.  The application is a separate document from the marriage certificate pictured above and may provide additional information.

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