Thursday, February 22, 2018

Another Lawsuit by Herman Lutter

My great great grandfather, Herman Lutter, was born around 1860 in or near what is now called Neuhaus am Rennweg in Germany. By 1881 he was living in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States.

From his records, it seems that he had tumultuous relationships with people.

He split with his first wife, my great great grandmother Clara Rosalie Uhl (1865-1955), in 1888 when she was pregnant with their first and only child, Howard.

Around 1920, Herman purchased property in Spring Lake, Monmouth County, New Jersey. His second wife, Emma Lucinda Neubauer, remained in Newark, though she later moved to Spring Lake, where she died in 1946.

In 1921 he sued Albert Neubauer, the brother of his second wife, for room and board. Herman's initial win by default was overturned. One week before Herman died, the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the decision.

When Herman died on July 3, 1924, he was in the process of divorcing Emma.

In his will, Herman left almost nothing, five dollars, to his son, Howard.

Today I found another lawsuit by Herman from 1922. He won. He sued John R Wynne for money owed on a car sale. Wynne's defense was that the car did not work after driving from Newark to Red Bank. is a pay site

The second wife of Herman's son was Fiorita Lorenz. Her first husband was James Howard Winnie, born around 1887 in Nevada. I wonder if the Wynne who Herman sued was related to this other Winnie.

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