Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Access to Travel Records at Ancestry through September 5th!!! is offering free access to its "Immigration and Travel Collection" through September 5th.  I recommend searching for people from every branch in your tree, regardless of when you think they immigrated to the United States.  Your ancestors may have taken a cruise to Bermuda or visited relatives (surprise!) in Poland and needed a passport.  Applications for passports may include a photograph, such as the one below.

Who wouldn't love to find this picture of their ancestors?

The application may have included additional documents explaining the purpose of the trip.

This supplemental letter to this family's application explains why they moved to Belgium, as well as a parent's name.
Other applications may provide dates and locations of births, deaths, marriages, and residences, where you can then look for additional records.

These few sentences provide a date and place of birth, immigration date, residence,
and date and location of citizenship documents.

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