Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DNA results for health traits

In December I submitted my DNA sample for analysis by 23andme.  The results for my health became available yesterday.  I am most interested in establishing genealogical connections, not my risk of diseases.  The website allows you to opt out of seeing the results.  I was curious and decided to view the results anyway.

The site posts disclaimers that the results do not mean that you have any disease, condition, or trait.  If you feel that you do have a particular health problem, you need to see a doctor for evaluation.

The results revealed slightly elevated or slightly decreased risks of several cancers, autoimmune disorders, and other diseases such as restless leg syndrome.  Nothing to worry about, or even run to a doctor.

For traits, I supposedly carry sprinter genes- meaning that I can run fast.  I cannot.  I do run, but my goal is a mile under ten minutes.

The genealogical results should be available next week.


  1. How odd that you have to wait for your genealogical results. I got my 23andme results day before yesterday and both the health and genealogical results became available at the same time. At the very least can you see which haplogroup(s) you belong to?

  2. Yes, I can see the haplogroup: H1, which I already knew because I had the mtDNA test done at last year.
    I hope that your results link you to relatives.