Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still searching for relatives at

Since last week, when my DNA results became available at, I have been connecting with distant (very distant?) relatives and trying to figure out the common ancestor.  I am up to 990 matches in the database.  So far, I have not figured out anyone's relation to me.  The website allows you to request contact of only five people per day.  I started with my closest relation- one third cousin- and am working my way outwards.  Only twelve people have responded to my inquiries.  A fourth cousin hails from Latvia- and I have no clue how this happened.

Apparently many people took advantage of the $99 sale in December, creating a lot more matches, as well as a lot of people who are clueless like me.  A group formed on facebook to share advice and opinions.

At this point in the DNA search, I think it is best to have my parents submit their specimens.  This will probably turn up a lot more matches, as each provided me with only half of their DNA.  When I have the matches of each parent, I will at least know which tree holds the common ancestor.

My closest matches at
Only the circled icons represent people who have responded to my request for sharing information.