Thursday, January 12, 2012

Software: Family Tree Maker 2012

In October I purchased the upgrade for Family Tree Maker 2012 from for $27.99 plus $5 shipping.  I have been working well with the 2011 version, but the price is fair and genealogy is one area in which I prefer to be up-to-date.  (Ironic, I know.)  I think that the main new feature of the 2012 version is syncing trees with  With older versions, once you publish a tree on, additional changes to the tree must be made on both your computer and on the website, which can be slow and tedious.  With the syncing capabilities of the 2012 version, you can sync a tree from your computer to the website and vice versa.  (I do not recommend copying someone else's tree from a website to your computer.  Your research should be your own.)

Family Tree Maker 2012
Syncing feature

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