Saturday, May 5, 2012

Local Repositories

Today I visited the Denville Historical Society and Museum in Denville, Morris County, New Jersey.  Someone told me (thank you MT) that some papers of a family of interest were housed at this location.  The Museum is a cute little house with artifacts from the area.  Books and papers are kept in a separate room.  I found great treasures in the binders:  notes from researchers, original photographs, and memorabilia.  Most of these items and the information contained in them are not digitized or online.  Although so much invaluable information has appeared online in recent years, there is so much more that is not online and will not appear online soon.  You still need to physically search for information.  This information could be anywhere, but start with the area in which the family lived and check all libraries, museums, historical societies- any possible repository.  And don't be surprised to find documents and pictures sitting unmarked in a box in a backroom.

Original family photographs

Death certificate from a researcher


Copy of Vanderhoof family record book

One of several branches of the Peer family tree

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