Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Online Newspapers: Chronicling America

Another expansive and free source of online newspapers is the Chronicling America website in the online digital collection of the Library of Congress.  I located some articles here that I was not able to find elsewhere.

You may search terms narrowed by state and date.  The result screen will highlight the desired search word in dark pink.  Click on the link below the image for a view without the pink highlight.  Also record the link so you have a source.

The small dark pink square is the word that you entered in the search box.
The web link below the image will provide you with a clear copy.  You can enlarge the image.

New York Daily Tribune, 7 June 1850.
If you are lucky, you may find miscellaneous information about your family.
George W Duryea broke his leg in 1850.

We can then look over the family's time line to picture this occurrence in light of other known events.
George W Duryea's first son, Jacob, was born 12 July 1850, one month after the accident.
Perhaps he was still recuperating at home when his son was born.
[Hoboken Cemetery, North Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey.  Picture by J Lutter.]

New York Daily Tribune, 1 November 1842
This article tells us that Mary B Sillsbee and William Winterton lived at the same address, 2 Carlisle street, New York City.
Further research is required to determine if there was a familial relation
or if they were merely tenants of a multi-family dwelling.

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