Tuesday, December 11, 2012

23andMe DNA Kits: Dramatic Price Reduction

In case you have not heard, 23andMe and drastically lowered the price of a DNA testing kit from $299 to $99.  There is no subscription fee.  I do not know how long this price will last.

This test is for autosomal DNA, which seeks to identify the pieces of DNA you carry from all of your ancestral lines.

I have several people in mind that I wish to test.  The key to successful use of these DNA testing sites is to test family members from different branches of your tree.  To date, I have tested myself, both parents, my mother's brother, and two of my father's cousins.  Coincidentally, both of my father's cousins matched my maternal side- one to my mother and the other to her brother.

Hope that I am able to find a part-time job to cover the costs.

Also, please bear with me.  I am using a new computer with Windows 8.  Very confusing at present.

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