Thursday, November 24, 2016

Assembling a Couple's Children through Death Records

Otto Lutter (1845-1909) was a brother of my great great grandfather, Herman Lutter (1860-1924).  They immigrated to Newark, New Jersey from Thuringia, Germany in the 1880s.  Otto married Martha Klindt (1864-1922).  In Herman's will from 1924, he mentioned Gussie, a daughter of Otto.  This was Augusta Lutter, born in April of 1892.  I found a record of birth for Augusta, not named at birth, and her sister, Alwine, born in 1895.

According to the 1900 federal census, Otto and Martha had four children, one still living- Augusta.

By going through death records, I located a third child, William.  He died at 39 Rutger[s] Street in Newark on July 26, 1894 and was buried at nearby Woodland Cemetery.  Otto was buried at Woodland fifteen years later, but not with William.

Rutgers Street in Newark no longer exists.
The area is part of the Rutgers University campus.

Baby William was nine months old when he died, so he was born around October 1893.  There is no entry in the birth index for him under Lutter or Luther.

William was probably named after his paternal grandfather.  (The paternal grandmother's name varied on the three records that I have, so that is another mystery to decipher.)  Finding all the children of a couple is important for linking the family together through repetition of given names.  The fourth child of Otto and Martha will probably be uncovered in a death, not birth, record.  Births were not consistently reported.

"Ottillis" Lutter was buried at Woodland in December of 1898.  This could be the fourth child, or it could be Alwine, born in 1895.  I have not found a death record for Alwine yet.

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