Sunday, November 6, 2016

Interactive Family Tree

Create your own interactive family tree through a tool developed by Bradford F Lyon.

Below is a tree of my father's ancestors.  At a glance, you can see the lines that are traced back farthest, as well as the tail ends of each line.  (Individual names appear as you scroll the cursor.)

My mother's tree, in contrast, does not extend past the 1800s, so far fewer ancestors are displayed.

You can also generate a descendant tree.  The tree below is for Joost DeRieux, the original immigrant of my Duryea line, who was born around 1635.  Not every descendant is in the family tree file that I used to create this diagram, but you can see at a glance which branches died out or which ones need further research.

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  1. Hi Jody

    Thanks for writing about this!

    FYI - if one is in a "fix-it" mode, you can use the validation results to track those with missing births/deaths, children born before parents, etc.

    Thanks again, and let me know what other features you would find useful!