DNA Comparisons

23andMe/Autosomal DNA testing of family members

Below are actual graphs of the comparisons between different members of my family who have tested their autosomal DNA at 23andMe.  The true relationship is documented.

I want you to notice that the most DNA is shared between a parent and a child, 50%, as well as full siblings- about 50%.  As the relationship widens, the amount of identical DNA plummets to almost undetectable amounts beyond a third cousin relationship.

You can use these graphs to help figure out relationships between close family members of unknown origins.  If you have specific questions about a particular graph, such as the path of inheritance or ethnicity of the involved individuals, please contact me.

Parents and children


Aunts and Uncles

First cousins

First cousins, once removed

First cousins, twice removed

Second cousins

Second cousins, once removed

Third cousins

Third cousins, once removed

Fourth Cousins

Fourth Cousins, once removed

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