Friday, June 23, 2017

DNA Chart for Cook/VanderHoof Descendants

It took a while, but I finally created a McGuire Method DNA Chart for a branch of my family.

Several descendants of my fourth great grandparents, Stephen Cook (1797-1853) and Elizabeth Vanderhoof (1799-1878) have tested their DNA.  Most have uploaded to, where we can compare everyone, even though people tested at three different companies.

The Mystery Cousin discussed a few weeks ago also belongs on this chart; I just don't know where yet.

click to enlarge


  1. Hi Jody - Doing some ancestry and ran across a photo of yours (I think) for the Johnson family in Connecticut. My husband's ancestor (great grandmother) is Susan Adellah Johnson. It has been passed down that she supposedly had some link to the Schaghticoke Tribe. Wonder if you would happen to have any info on her.

    1. No idea about this person. As a general tip, include dates.
      How is the photo mine and how is it connected to Cook and VanderHoof in New Jersey?