Saturday, June 23, 2012

You are not done! Compiled genealogies.

Compiled genealogies can be great.  Finding ONE of your lines does not mean that you are done with researching, though.  You have infinite number of other lines to research, as well as the lines not covered in the book.  You also need to research every piece of information in the compiled genealogy for accuracy.  Sloppy and inaccurate genealogies harm other researchers as the information is perpetuated over the years and across the internet.

Let's look at The Transactions of the Rockefeller Family Association by Henry Oscar Rockefeller mentioned a few posts back.  How much of my genealogy is in the book?  I have a diagram to illustrate.

The blue and pink entries inside the red enclosure are my direct ancestors in this particular compiled genealogy.  The book is a great resource, but would not lead me to conclude that no further research is needed.  Look at all of my other ancestors who are left untouched, naturally because they have nothing to do with the Rockefellers of Germantown, New York.

This is my most recent direct ancestor mentioned in the book.  Using this information, I found a record of her second marriage to James Miller in Jersey City on the date mentioned.  I have not found a record of her first marriage.  I suspect another marriage in 1898, which is not mentioned in the book, nor are her children by these marriages mentioned in the book.  Plus, the parents of spouses are omitted, understandably so, but they need researching also!

A kind soul tipped me off that Annie Hyser was married again in Albany in 1898.
See why genealogists prefer to look themselves?
Having a date of remarriage significantly narrows down the possible years of death for the first spouse.  A visit to Catskill Village Cemetery in New York located the graves of Annie Hyser, her siblings, and parents, as well as a possible match for her husband, William H Cumming, died 1882.

Is this William H Cumming 1856-1882 the William H Cummins who married Annie Hyser in 1877?
The compiled genealogy does not tell us.
Catskill Village Cemetery, Catskill, Greene County, New York

These compiled genealogies are just another part of your research.

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