Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DNA Testing Sale at FamilyTreeDNA

Hello Everyone.

As I mentioned in a comment to a post, I ordered DNA kits because of sales.  FamilyTreeDNA is having a sale.  Their autosomal testing kit, "Family Finder," is on sale for $199 through July 15, 2012.  Their usual price is $289.  In comparison, the autosomal test at 23andMe is $299.  This is a one-time fee.  FamilyTreeDNA offers additional tests that you can purchase later, if you so wish.

Autosomal testing will produce distant cousins who are descended from any one of your ancestors.  If you have been waiting to test, a sale is a great time to go ahead and order the kit.  You will naturally want to test yourself.  If your parents or grandparents are alive, test them.  If one parent is deceased or not available but the other is still living, test yourself and the living parent.  Cousins who match you but not the living parent are likely related through the untested parent.
Sale on autosomal DNA test

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