Monday, July 16, 2012

Fold3 Beta Search

Fold3 sent me an invitation to review its new search capabilities.  The version is still in its Beta form.  Fold3 is a pay site that offers United States military records, some census records, and some city directories.  Among the current offerings, pension records from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War are helping me the most because of the detailed lineages required to collect a pension.  The Newark, New Jersey city directories are also fantastic.

Beta search at Fold3.
Using a soundex search for the first name Eliakem uncovered one result, whereas the original search turns up no matches.
At this time, searching for a location within a state is not useful.

Results using the currently available search engine.

The Beta search uncovered this document, a Revolutionary War Roll from 1776.
Eliakem Marsh was not on the page, though.
The "Marsh" was John Marsh.  The "Eliakem" was Eliakim Crane.

The new search results offer easier to view expanded categories, dates, and states.  I found the new format easier to navigate and sort the results.

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