Monday, January 28, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Memos in a bible

Ongoing transcriptions of papers found in BISHOP family file at the New York State Library in Albany.

Original copy.

Enhanced view of photocopy.

Richard W Bishop was killed in the battle at Plattsburg 1814.

Elisha Blinn Jr was killed by the cars in 1847.

April 4th 1855 adopted Helen Winn into the family.

Thanks to Elsie Saar for posting their headstones at Find A Grave.

Online catalog for the New York State Library

Fortunately, letters and the diary of Richard W Bishop survived and are housed at the New York State Library.

Because Elisha Blinn "was killed by the cars," I sought a newspaper article.  This blurb from the Weekly Eagle in Vermont characterizes Mr T Blinn as unable to hear or speak.  He was struck from behind by the train headed to Albany.  It took a few hours for him to die.  Perhaps this was his ride home.  I wonder if he was alone and how his family found out that he had been in an accident.

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