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What Became of Edgar Duryea's Marriages?

Jacob H Duryea (1850-1928) is related to my father through both of Jacob's parents, George W Duryea (1823-1864) and Rene Brewer (1824-1904).

In Jersey City, New Jersey, Jacob married twice, first to Harriet Dunham in 1873 and then to Marietta Dunham in 1874. I don't know if this was a recording error or if these marriages really happened. The women were listed with different parents. Harriet was the daughter of Henry and Jane. Marietta was the daughter of Lewis and Sarah.

Marietta Dunham (1852-1922) and Jacob Duryea had three children:

1. Charles Duryea (1874-1876), buried in the Brewer plot in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York.

2. Edgar Henry Duryea (1876-1926), buried in the Eyre/Duryea plot in Hoboken Cemetery in New Jersey.

3. John D Duryea (1880-1891), buried in the Eyre/Duryea plot in Hoboken Cemetery in New Jersey.

About the Eyre/Duryea plot in Hoboken Cemetery:

Jacob Duryea's sister, Letty Jane Duryea (1848-1889), was originally buried in Hoboken Cemetery. She died in Jersey City from complications of pregnancy. Letty's husband, Alfred DeCiplet Eyre (1848-1912), was buried in nearby Fairview Cemetery in Bergen County. At some point, Letty was reinterred at Fairview.

Henrietta Elizabeth Funtman (1815-1887), the mother of Alfred DeCiplet Eyre, was buried in this Hoboken plot and not moved.

While reviewing Duryea marriages in New Jersey, I was surprised to find a record for Edgar H Duryea, the only son of Marietta and Jacob to reach adulthood.

On May 7, 1897 in Hoboken, Edgar Duryea married Lillian Hagan. Lillian's father's name was John Hagan; her mother's first name was Mary, but the last name is hard to read. Maybe Bulley? They were from Germany.

Three years after this marriage, in the 1900 census in Jersey City, Edgar was single and living with his parents. I did not suspect an earlier marriage.

Rene Duryea was Rene Brewer (1824-1904), mother of Jacob Duryea.
Janette Lent was Jennet Conklin (1814-1902), the widow of Rene's maternal uncle, David Mann Lent (1811-1892).

Seven months after Edgar's wedding, he was in a wagon accident.

I have not found Edgar in the 1910 census. He was not with his parents. He registered for the draft for World War I. He was living at 213 East 49th Street in New York City. His nearest relative was his father, Jacob H Duryea, in Jersey City.

In the 1920 federal census, Edgar was still at this address in New York City as a boarder. With him was Elizabeth Duryea, age 39. Was she another wife?

Edgar died on August 29, 1926 at Fairmount Hospital in Jersey City from pneumonia.

His death certificate states that he was married, but the wife's name was "Can not learn." Informant was Edgar's father, Jacob.

Edgar's obituary gave no indication of a wife.

Edgar's gravestone in Hoboken Cemetery leaves room for inscription, but no wife joined him in the ground.

Sarah B LeBarron (1811-1886) was the maternal grandmother of Edgar Duryea.

What became of Edgar's wife or wives? Did he have any children?

When a DNA match appears with ties to Jersey City, but no surnames in common, the connection could be cousins such as Edgar. Although Edgar was a few generations back, he was a double relation. If Edgar had descendants, they could share Duryea and Brewer DNA with my father, his siblings, and their cousins in this branch.

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