Sunday, December 9, 2018

Mystery Military: George D Russell from World War II

I am looking for George D Russell.

The only information I started with was his Army Serial Number from World War II, 32960000, and last known address in the Forest Hills section of Queens, New York at 100-35 72nd Road.

From there, I found that George was born about 1914. He enlisted in the Army in May of 1943 in New York City. He was discharged in 1946.

The Army Serial Number was correct (see images from Fold3 below). I wrote to the National Archives for the service record. If I could find a birth date for George, I could filter out the rest of the men with this same name.

The response was that the fire of 1973 destroyed most records, but I could request the final payment voucher.

The final payment voucher verified the address in Queens. It looks like George left the Army in January of 1946 after foreign service. His signature is at the bottom of the page, which could prove useful if I find another document.

The record from has George as single.

The record from has George as married. Is the record from the same person?

I searched ship records for George Russell leaving the United States and returning in October 1945 through January 1946. No luck.

I created a family tree of all the men named George Russell living or born in New York in the target time frames. I would not know if I have included the correct person.

The Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem (BIRLS) is available at I do not see a compatible entry. (These records are also a target for release to the public for free through Reclaim the Records.)

I searched newspapers for the address. I did not find George Russell associated with the Queens address in newspapers. I found other people at this address.

The Quinlan sisters, Eileen and Doris, lived at
110-35 72nd Road in Forest Hills in 1961.

If anyone has any leads on George D Russell, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

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