Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DNA updates: Comparing my genes to both parents

The health results component is complete for my father's DNA kit from 23andme.  This took about three and a half weeks from receipt of the kit at their lab.  Based on the processing of my specimen, the genetic relative results should arrive tomorrow.

In the meantime, I looked over the health traits.  Because my mother and I are also in the system, I can look at the genotypes of my parents and compare them to my own, seeing which parent gave me which gene for the profiled traits.

The results for eye color are not surprising.  Blue is recessive to brown.  My mother has blue eyes, as do I.  My father has brown eyes.  He inherited the gene for brown eyes from his mother and the gene for blue eyes from his father.
He blessed me with his father's gene for blue eyes.
The lumbar disk disease trait.
This should settle the debate over which side of the family causes bad backs.
The answer:  both of my parents carry the exact same genes for bad backs.

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