Wednesday, March 9, 2011

23andme DNA update

I am slowly sifting through the relative matches at  Most of the relations are predicted to be quite distant.  In spite of some extensive documentation on some lines, I have not established a common ancestor for any of these genetic matches.  Some matches also have extensive paper-based genealogies, but most do not, which makes this process more challenging.

One hundred of my distant genetic relatives with no contact exchanged.
You can click on an icon to reveal limited information about a genetic match.
You may contact up to five people a day in this way.
This profile looks a little more promising.  This person has updated her profile to include genealogical information, which could indicate that she is interested in trying to establish a common ancestor.
The results of my parents are not processed yet.  I hope that their results will add a new dimension to this matching game.

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