Friday, May 13, 2011


No new discoveries in my DNA quests.  On a fun note, I found a second person who shares DNA with both of my parents.  This is a coincidence, as my parents share no DNA with each other.  This is what that comparison chart looks like at

I think that this process would serve me better if my known distant cousins (HINT HINT) would submit their specimens.  I could compare my overlap with my documented cousins to my cousins in the DNA database and at least figure out where to look for a common ancestor.  So far, one such cousin has done this.  (Thank you RS.)  He is my father's third cousin.  That makes him my third cousin, once removed.  It will be very interesting to see how 23andme classifies our relation.  This should be ready within three weeks.

And for those monitoring the cost, today's pricing at 23andme is $99 plus $9 per month for one year.

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