Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photograph of a Great Great Grandfather

I have my first picture of a great great grandfather, Abraham Brewer Duryea.  Abraham was born in 1878 in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York to Stephen C Duryea and Mary Evenshirer.  He was named for his maternal grandmother's brother.  In 1898, Abraham married Nellie Cummings, the daughter of William Cummings [still a tail end in my tree] and Anna Hyser.

The negative and cover, with a hand-written note, was among pictures given to me by my aunt.  Love you Aunt Marion!  I learned quickly in my pursuit of old photographs that most photo developing places cannot develop the old negatives.  The place I usually use in Verona has closed down.  I finally located a local business that could develop the negative in Montclair, the Montclair Center Camera Exchange.

Standing, left to right:  Harold Duryea, Alvina Wrage (Harold's wife), Nellie Cummings, Abraham Duryea.
Children of Harold and Alvina.  Kneeling man:  a neighbor.

Off I went to my grandmother's Duryea cousin, who was most pleased to see this photograph.  This photograph was probably made around 1940 at Christmas.  We laughed when he identified the kneeling man as a neighbor- I was trying to fit him into the family tree.

I have a picture of Nellie in her later years, having tea.

The eBay photograph of Garrett S Duryea that I acquired a while back, if correctly marked, would be Abraham's father's brother.  See a similarity?

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