Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cause of Death Family Tree

Happy Halloween!

Inspired by other researchers, I created a family tree for my father listing causes of death and ages, when known.  Going back through the great great grandparents, his ancestors died from a variety of causes, such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes, and cystitis.  As the records go back in time, the names for the diseases become more archaic, such as "phthisis," which means tuberculosis.

Most of these ancestors lived into their 60s and 70s.  The youngest to die was William Cummings, who was around 24 years old when he died in 1882.  Two ancestors died in their 40s- maternal grandmother, Rene Marion Duryea, and a great grandmother, Minnie Caroline Bishop.

Cause of Death Family Tree
Halloween special

I could not decipher one cause of death.  Mary Evensherer, died 1916, age 74.  Looks like "chronic endocarditis" or "chronic enterocolitis."  The secondary cause looks like "cystitis," but I cannot make out the next word.

Any ideas?  Leave your comment below.


  1. Cystitis and Pyelitis - they go together as kidney problems.

  2. Thanks, Susan! Pyelitis. Now I see it. The term "pyelonephritis" is more common today.