Saturday, October 18, 2014

Finding a Close Cousin

Yesterday I uploaded a bunch of people's DNA results to FamilyTreeDNA with the free transfer offer.  All of the uploaded kits produced the advertised twenty matches, except one.

This person tested at 23andMe about three years ago with a free kit from the Roots into the Future program (no longer offering the free kits).  She has a name and state of origin for her mother, but her father is not known.  23andMe paints her ancestry as half European, half Western African.  She has 205 matches at 23andMe now.

FamilyTreeDNA found four matches for her.  In comparison, I have thousands.

But- the first match is a good one- maybe a child of a first cousin.  This unknown close cousin listed four ancestral surnames.  One is the same surname and location as what we know about the biological mother.

I do not know if this person is also at 23andMe, where close relatives are not displayed unless they have activated the "Show Close Relatives" option.

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