Monday, July 9, 2018

Amanuensis Monday: Watson at Saint John's Episcopal Church in Jersey City

Marble Dale Com.
June – 8 – 1932

Not Entered in Books

My dear Mr. Carnie:

I am sending you the correct data in connection with the deaths of my parents- this to be entered in the Parish book- for the benefit of any one in the future, wishing for such information.

Born in New Milford, Connecticut
June 13, 1846
Died at his home, Marble Dale Connecticut,
September 12, 1908.

There is a window in St John’s in memory of my father. (The Parable of the Sower)

I did so enjoy being with you for a few weeks, and shall do so again in the near future.
With warm personal regards for you and yours,
Sincerely yours,
Mary S Watson

As you know the Sanctuary Lamp is in memory of my mother.
Also please note change in my mailing address.
(Washington Depot Connecticut, R. F. D.)

My mother was-
Susanna Suttle, born in Paterson, New Jersey on July 22, 1846.
Died at her home in Marble Dale Connecticut,
July 7, 1930

My parents were married in St. Pauls Parish, Paterson, N.J. [New Jersey]
on September 18, 1867
by the Rev. Joseph M. Waite, Rector of the Church.

My mother was baptized, confirmed, and married from the same church.

If you will make correct entries I shall appreciate it so much.

I came across this note in the church book for Saint John's Episcopal Church in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey while researching a branch of my Heiser family. The author, Mary Smith Watson (1871-1948), so much wanted this bit of her family history preserved. For Mary, here is her information for anyone's benefit, as she wished.

Saint John's Church is not operational. The stained glass windows are gone. In spite of efforts to covert the structure into condominiums, the building remains vacant and deteriorating. Below is the image from Google maps in 2017.

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