Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Alice Rosemon the former Sarah E Jackson?

The marriage of Alice Rosemon to Cornelius P Rosemon occured in Manhattan on the 25th of December, 1876.  This marriage can be found in the index at  An announcement also appeared in the New York Herald.

The New York Herald, 29 December 1876, page 6, viewed at

The newspaper announcement provided needed clarification that Alice was a daughter of Coe Downing Jackson.  The problem is that a daughter named Alice does not appear in the 1860 and 1870 census entries for this family.  Instead, a daughter named Sarah E. Jackson appears to be the same age as Alice Rosemon.  Sarah is not seen after "Alice" marries Cornelius Rosemon.  If Sarah's middle initial had been A instead of E, I would be more comfortable with this switch.

1860 federal census, Newtown, Queens County, New York

1870 federal census, Hunters Point, Queens County, New York
Alice Rosemon lived for several decades after marrying and had a few children with descendants alive today.  She seems to be the only one of all of the children of Coe Downing Jackson to have had issue.  Ida E. Jackson, a sister of Sarah/Alice, married Sanford Soper, but it does not seem that she had any children.  The rest of the siblings remained unmarried, often found living together, and Sarah is not among them.

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